About me

Aubrey Alexandra, originally a singer, moved to New York City at the age of 18 to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, in fall of 2007 and graduated in early spring of 2009.

She is now focusing on a modeling career and works frequently with celebrity makeup artist Tawni Michelle, creator of her own company Dramatizon, as well as with amazing hair stylist, Fallon Fitzpatrick, and celebrity photographer, Isadora Bravo, both of whom’s works are published world wide.

“Why did you decide to attend AMDA?”
“I wanted to become the most well-rounded performer possible, so attending AMDA was a wonderful experience for me, and I learned A Lot! Many of the skills I’ve acquired has helped me with modeling and I resort to them while working on every shoot. “

“Why have you chosen to focus on a modeling career?”
“Modeling is my passion. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamed of being something BIG. I’ve always loved inspiring people to be the best they can, and I feel like I can do that through modeling. I can inspire young girls to shoot for the stars, and I can encourage having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body image. I also want to show the world that regardless of the “cookie cutter” model requirements we have today, you don’t have to be 5’10″ to be a model. Just be you because you are the only you there is, and isn’t that a beautiful, wonderful thing?”

“How long have you been modeling?”
“I started modeling with different photographers in 2010, and I fell in love with it. I also appreciate the learning process. I’m always learning and with the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years, it’s simply been an extraordinary opportunity. I feel so blessed.”

“What is your short term and long term goals throughout your modeling career and who are some of your idols?”
“Short term, I would love to just know that I gave it 100%. Anything else that comes out of it is a plus. My dream is to become a Victoria Secret Model, but I am humble about my experience and focused about immersing myself into the process. My idols are Heidi Klum, Andriana Ambrosa, Meryl Streep, Katherine Hiegl, Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Walsh, Caterina Scarsone, and Kady Strickland, to name a few.”

“What else would you like people to know about you?”
“I am dedicated and passionate about my work, meticulous, and love taking directions. I can stay in character when the situation calls for it. Not only is modeling my passion, but it is also my favorite thing to do, other than spending time with my family, of course! I also feel strongly about giving back, even in the smallest of ways. If you can make someone smile, it may change their whole day around. Plus, smiles are contagious!”

Interviewed by Blogger and Writer Jin-Xiang “JX” Yu